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Burn more calories in less time with Calgary’s hottest new workout!
The machines. The program. The certified trainers.

In our Indo-Row® group fitness classes you’ll use over 84% of your overall body mass. Working in teams, partners and as one crew, Indo-Row® provides a TRANSFORMATIVE total-body workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind.
“The perfect calorie burn!”


Fitness for All

Get over to the schedule page to check out ROW ‘N’ Flow, ROWlentless, Indo-Row EXT , ROWmachine and The Candlelight Session!

From beginner to advanced rower you’ll get the most out of your rowing workout with our WaterRower®GX machine that mimics the dynamic resistance of a boat gliding across the water.



Come row with us Calgary! It’s easy to get started.

No special equipment required. Quick to learn. We’ll show you the correct technique, timing and form so you get the most out of this highly addictive workout.


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