Michelle Smeltzer

Row17 Blog

As a competitive athlete in her youth and an avid athlete in her adulthood, Michelle knows the importance of functional movements. She combines her enthusiasm and love of yoga and fitness, with a knowledge of alignment and appreciation of the body. Her approach is an athletic style of yoga and cross training, always focussing on keeping it fun, challenging, creative and safe. Michelle has been teaching group fitness for the past 10 years, including, yoga, cycle and strength based classes with interval training. Teaching offers me the opportunity to push people beyond what they believe they can achieve and make them feel confident. If Im lucky, we’ll share a laugh or two along the way. A mother of 2 very active girls, Michelle lives a fast pace lifestyle, which reflects in her high energy classes. Michelle believes that training with her will leave you having laughed, loved and lived in the moment…a healthy body is a happy body!

Why Row 17?

“I am excited to be given the opportunity to be on the ground level of a cutting edge, new fitness movement, that builds a community of people from all levels of fitness.”