The 5 secrets to lose weight

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Have you ever wondered if there are secrets to lose weight?  You’re not alone – seems like most people today want to shed some pounds.  We’re sharing 5 secrets to lose weight so that you can be successful in reaching your goals!

5 secrets to lose weight

Secret #1:  Throw your scale away (far far away)

When it comes to weight loss, not every pound or kg is considered equal.  Fat takes up more space than muscle, so rather than use the bathroom scale to measure your results.  It’s more important to think about how much fat you’re burning off than weight you’re losing.  A powerful tip is to go by your size.  Jeans starting to fit looser?  Even if the scale isn’t budging, this is a sure sign that your body is starting to do what you want it to do.

Secret #2:  Be consistent

One of the most important things you need to do to reach your goal is to be consistent.  If you work out 7 days a week one week and the next week do nothing, you’re not going to get results.  Plan for what’s realistic in your schedule and stick to it.  It doesn’t matter if you start small, just start and build on it as you go and gain momentum.


Secret #3:  Watch what you eat

Workouts can’t make up for bad eating habits.  Reaching any fitness goal is a combination of exercise and healthy eating.  Don’t try to go extreme – that usually never works.  Instead, make some small, more healthy changes to your eating habits you know you can live with, to see the best results.

Secret #4:  Choose total body workouts

The more muscle you use during a workout, the more calories you burn.   Get results faster by working out smarter – rowing uses 9 major muscle groups and 84% of your muscles every – single – workout.   Shape up your butt, legs, core and upper body while torching calories and having fun.  Oh yeah.


Secret #5:  Have fun!

There’s an old saying in fitness, “if it’s not fun, it’s not done”. Boring workouts can lead to workout dread. Our IndoRow™ classes bring out your competitive edge, while you row along to colourful flashes from the disco lights and let the high energy music get you fired up!