The secret to becoming a better runner

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If you love to run, chances are you’ve tried lots of different techniques to become a better runner. Whether you want to improve your distance or time, there is a lot of information out there to help you up your game.
But there is a secret to becoming a better runner, that you don’t hear much about.  And that is, cross-training.

How does cross training help you become a better runner?

Cross training builds both strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn’t.  Some of the many benefits include quicker recovery, and injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.
Rowing is a fantastic cross training sport.

  • It’s very low impact so it’s easy on your joints. This is important because it gives your body a break from the high impact of running, so it has time to heal and repair.
  • Rowing is also a great workout for strengthening your core. A strong core makes you better at running by acting as a strong stabilizer and the point from where your power is generated.
  • Cross training also provides benefits by strengthening muscle groups that running doesn’t, and helps to keep your muscles in better balance.
  • Rowing is a no impact way to exercise, so It helps prevent overuse injuries.
  • Prevents runners burnout.  Supplementing your workout routine with something different keeps you more motivated to keep moving.
  • Rowing is a total body workout, so you get the best workout in the shortest amount of time, using 9 major muscle groups.

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Here’s to becoming a better runner with cross training!