ROWopoly is HERE!!!

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Welcome to ROWopoly!! You are going to work your way around the board to collect your classes and awesome deals along the way!

There are 40 Squares on the board, you can collect max 7 stickers per week, Only 1 sticker per class. See front desk to get your yellow sticks, write your name on each and stick it on!!

Tax Squares are assigned a different charity donation 

You need to provide a donation to each Charity to earn square

  1. Kidsport Calgary
  2. Calgary Food Bank
  3. Competitor Choice through Social Media vote – social media votes on the charity
  4. Competitor Choice – Largest single personal donation gets to choose the charity to donate to

4 Railroads 

  1. Ask about nutrition from Emmaly, Rae-Ann and Tour The Loft

  2. Bring a New Friend using the Row17 App

  3. Bring a New Friend using the Row17 App

  4. Sample (MAGNUM or Muscle MLK)

3 Chance Card Draws – you receive 3 of the deals below

Chance 1 – Anytime

Chance 2 – After coloured Class Tiles all complete

Chance 3 – After Taxes and Railroads complete

a. 10% off Supplements

b. Option to purchase My 20 Row with $20 Off

c. Option to purchase $75 Row17 Gift Card for $50

d. 25% off at Small Flowers (deets across the street:)

3 Community Chest 

Social Media Contributions – can be substituted for bringing a new friend and having them pre-register for class if you don’t have social media

Post a pic of yourself with the following to your social platforms and tag @row_17, using #rowopoly and checking in on Facebook

1 tagged photo with your Instructor from class

1 tagged photo of monitor from class

1 tagged photo with lobby hashtag (The big #iamrow17:)

Corner Squares – what to do if you land on these squares

a. Go To Jail – Use dice at front desk to roll and determine what class to take

b. Jail – Roll out to determine class to take and download the Row17 App if you don’t use it

c. Free Parking Tag your Beano Cup / receipt @row17 @caffebeano

d. GO – Last square captured.  You ROWned the board!!!



The 1st person to make it around the board will win a Month Unlimited of Row (Tie breaker name draw) plus a prize pack from Lole, Fork and Salad, Little Tucker, Blondie Clothing, Caffe Beano & Made Foods

Complete the full game board to be entered to win one of 3, Row 10 in a Month passes plus a Little Tucker treat!!