How rowing will reshape your body

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It may not be as hardcore as spinning, or as cool as yoga, but don’t let that fool you – the often overlooked workout of rowing will reshape your body. Radically.

Maybe you’ve never even considered rowing as a workout, but after you read this, you just might look at rowing as your new best workout friend.

Here’s how rowing will reshape your body.


Rowing maximizes your muscles

Rowing uses 84% of your muscles!  9 major muscle groups with every single workout, and your muscles become tighter and leaner.  Because it’s a total body workout (not just upper body), it targets all your trouble spots.  Want a better butt? Awesome arms? Sexy shoulders? Amazing abs?  Rowing’s got it covered.  Ba-bam!


Rowing torches colossal calories

You might have believed the myth that you’ve got to nearly kill yourself working out to burn lots of calories. But rowing is different. It’s a low impact workout that is easy to learn and it’s an incredibly effective total body workout. Every workout uses 84% of your muscle mass, and you might be surprised to learn that a rowing workout is most comparable to cross country skiing. It’s that good. Using more muscle in your workout = burning more calories and fat.


Rowing is fun

Make it fun and you’ll get it done. Boring workouts never inspired anyone to workout. Our Indo-Row™ classes always have an element of competition in them, so not only do you push yourself more, but you have fun whooping other people’s butts in class!

Rowing builds consistency

Rowing brings a spirit of togetherness and community, even after your very first workout. There’s something about pulling together that quickly transforms strangers into teammates.  People that are rooting for you, encourage you and help you to be accountable.  When you’re accountable to others, you’re more likely to be consistent with your workouts.   It rocks.


If you haven’t tried a rowing workout yet, get on it here.  If you have, aren’t you glad you did?