Learn how to row (it’s easier than you think)

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When you think about rowing, do you feel a little intimidated? Worried that you might look awkward or feel silly?

Don’t worry, you can learn how to row, because it’s easier than you think.

And you should be rowing, because one of the biggest secrets in fitness is how AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE rowing really is!
Rowing targets those oh so important areas; the glutes, legs, core and arms. It will transform your body. Who doesn’t want a better butt, amazing arms and a stronger core?

You’ll be in great shape in no time.

And don’t worry – you don’t need to have any experience rowing to start rowing like a pro!

Why aren’t you rowing yet?

Maybe you’ve never considered rowing as part of your fitness routine.  Have you believed any of these myths?

Myth 1:   I have to have rowing experience or I’ll look like an idiot in class.

If the fear of embarrassment is holding you back, we’ve got you covered.  Learn how to row with our IndoRow™ 101 class (it’s just for newbies – sign up here)

Myth 2:  Rowing isn’t a good workout

Actually, the IndoRow™ method of rowing is called the “perfect calorie burn” because it’s a total body workout using 9 major muscle groups with every single workout.  Surprised?  Click here to learn more about why rowing is such an effective workout.

Myth 3:  Rowing is boring

That may be true if you hop on a machine at your gym, but it’s definitely not boring at our IndoRow™ classes!  You’re going to love the competitive edge working together with a group, while surrounded by dazzling disco lights, energy pumpin music and a calorie busting workout that will have you pushing yourself to new levels of fitness.