Erin Gaspirini

Row17 Blog

Erin is an enthusiastic, creative human with a passion for anything that makes her heart beat faster – Running, cycling, climbing, hiking, skiing, boxing, barre class, you name it… if it makes her sweaty, Erin loves it (or wants to try it).

Erin has been a part of competitive sports all of her life and loves the high that comes with challenging her body and striving to always push just a little bit harder everyday. Last year she made a vow to try a new activity every month; to keep her body guessing, to find new activities that she loves, to push herself out of her comfort zone, and to get inspired by people around her who share similar goals. It didn’t take long for Erin to realize teaching in this sort of community is something that she would love to do.

Why Row17?

“I truly feel that being a part of the fitness “family” that these types of class settings provide, aids people in achieving things they may not have believed they could. If I can make people focus on themselves, their health, their goals, and their potential for one hour a day, I would consider myself a very lucky person. I would love to make others feel the same way that I have felt being a part of the Calgary fitness community.

I am so excited to see another new sweat option available to Calgarians, and especially jazzed at the opportunity to instruct as a certified trainer at Row17.